How to set up Raspberry [SSH+GUI]

this article shows you how to properly set up and configure your raspberry pi with WI-FI and SSH service enable.

Hello , every one my name is Surya dev Singh and in this article I will show you how to set up your raspberry pi .

STEP 0: first you will need a raspberry pi circuit board . Below are the best 6 raspberry pi circuit board you can find online :

STEP 1 : Download Raspbian OS from the following link :

STEP 2 : you can Download Raspbian imager software to write OS to memory card form the following link :

STEP 3 : install and run Raspbian imager software .

here it gives you options that which OS of Raspbian you want to install (lite , full , other ) . you can select form that or you can use custom. at the last you will get option called custom , which allow you to select your downloaded raspberry pi ISO image file.

then select the insert memory card ( min 16 GB recommended) to your card reader and select it form the Raspbian imager software and click on write .

STEP 4 : after few minutes , when writing is successfully done. then go to your card reader drive on your windows.

on top go to view section > show > file extension , which will show your file will file extension .

STEP 5 : create two file :

  1. wpa_supplicant.conf
  2. ssh (without extension)

now in wpa_supplicant add the following data

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


replace “WIFI_SSID” with the name of your wifi and “PASSWORD” with the password for your wifi.

leave ssh file empty which will enable ssh service on your raspberry pi.

STEP 6: now insert your memory card to your raspberry pi and if everything is set up properly , then Green light on board will start to blink for some time. and on your wifi you will see raspberry pi connected.

click on the device to get the IP address of it. (you can get ip of it in other ways also , either by scanning whole subnet with nmap or using third party app/software like fing{mobile app} )

STEP 7: connect to it using SSH

default username : pi

default password : raspberry

now you are ready to use raspberry pi form the terminal via ssh.

if you want a GUI feel then

STEP 8: enable VNC service on raspberry pi.

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo raspi-config

after which you will get interface something like this :

choose option 3. Interface Options

now form here choose p3 VNC and click YES . this will enable your VNC service.

STEP 9: to get GUI you will need to connect using VNC.

you can download and install vnc-viewer from the following link :

enter the IP address and default username : pi and default password : raspberry and now you have your GUI access.

Thank you for reading my article and giving your precious time to my article. I hope it would have help you to set up your raspberry pi successfully.

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enthusiast cyber security learner and penetration tester / ethical hacker , python programmer and in my free time you will find me solving CTFs

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Surya Dev Singh

enthusiast cyber security learner and penetration tester / ethical hacker , python programmer and in my free time you will find me solving CTFs